What we offer

Efficient, cost effective, without loss of production
We offer personalised, comprehensive solutions for the operation of water and steam systems. We can quickly and safely solve any kind of biocide, corrosion and deposition problems in cooling, heating and steam systems as well as in drinking water pipelines. All this is achieved without disturbing normal operations or causing any sort of inconvenience such as loss of production.


Our services

  • The occasional or continued water treatment of simple or complex steam systems
  • Occasional or continued water treatment of heating systems
  • The occasional or continued water treatment of open or closed cooling systems.
  • Occasional or continued treatment and decontamination of drinking water
  • Create complete water fluid plan
  • Help with the planning of startup projects, including providing technical advice

Our work process

  • Discussion in person on site
  • Determining the technical parameters of the system, first brief water sampling on site
  • Complex examination of the collected water sample and evaluation of results
  • Comparing data collected on-site (system type, status, usage requirements) and water analysis report; Analysis of the overall data
  • Selection and testing of the appropriate products
  • Offer of a personalised solution based on the above, in order to achieve the desired technical and economic results
  • A second trip to the site, discussion of personalised plan, in person
  • Setting the optimal values
  • Water treatment based on previously agreed-upon intervals

Product development

From idea to finished product
What we mean by product developtment is the process that goes into turning an idea into a market entry. To achieve this goal as soon as possible, we focus our efforts on research and development. Thanks to close cooperation within our company, we are able to optimise the personalised products and services. To us, it is imperative that our products are made to be environment-friendly, trustworthy and sustainable. Development and manufacturing processes are completed according to our high quality standards. Existing inspections and inspections during the manufacturing process ensure the highest quality at all times.

Optimised to your usage
Our wide range of water treatment chemicals and systems are provided as cleaning products and disinfectants, hygene products, degreasers and solvents. As there is no ready-made industrial product for every situation, we take into account our customers’ wishes and develop aa personalised product for their needs. Through extensive laboratory testing and supervision, we ensure that chemical substances in the personalised formula can meet customer expectations in a qualitative and quantitative manner.

Customer benefits

  • A personal formula that meets customer requirements
  • Manufacturing according to high guideline standards
  • Product inspection and supervision in our laboratories
  • High quality materials
  • Sustainable environmental protection
  • All from one source

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Personalised products


Individuality based on your needs

We have extensive knowledge when it comes to personalised, branded prodcuts and manufacturing. Do you want to advertise and sell your own product with your own product name or label? We can make that happen! At your request, we can do that with your personal formula, from small quantities. Enjoy the benefits of our personalised-brand solutions and find new opportunities to place your brand name and product on the market. Please contact us with confidence and we will provide you with detailed advice. We support you on the road from concept to finished product.

Our services

  • formula development
  • manufacturing
  • product analysis and testing
  • dripping, filling, labelling
  • licensing
  • Creating documentation and safety data sheets
  • Logistics and neutral transportation to customers

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